Monday, March 21, 2011

Cafe Cream

You would think they were the ones who were painting all afternoon.


I love Behr Premium Plus Ultra (Eggshell Int.) paint. Three walls in the spare room are now Cafe Cream. (Of course I had to drink coffee while I painted.) I'll work on the Agave wall next, plus three doors and the window trim. Once we get the floor done....voila!

Painting took me back to theatre days, and building sets. So I painted AS FAST AS POSSIBLE - drinking coffee, listening to loud rock and roll, splattering paint all over, and telling myself to slow down...

But I needed to get outside! SUNSHINE today. Yes!!!
Riff and I practiced Accel / Decel, on the flat. (Which called for a few good startline stays. All 100% - what a good boy.) Keeper, Riff and I played 'Hide-the-Rings' and 'Find Daddy' games.

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