Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dog Names

(Riff at 12 weeks old...)
(NOTE: I'm not getting a new puppy yet. Keeper and Riff are Dogs o' Plenty!)

Hmmm....which is my favorite? Which is yours?? ;-)

Ammo, Banksy, Beamer, Beauty, Bender, Bingo, Binky, Bliss, Breeze, Broonzy, Buddha, Busy, Chaos, Classical, Cool, Dare, Depot, Dream, Drive, Early, Echo, Energy, Envy, Ever, Fern, Flicker, Flirt, Frenetic, Friend, Frisson, Gentle, Giggle, Ginger, Google, Gypsy, Happy, Harkle, Heart, Honey, Hoover, Hopper, Hyphy, Jake, Jazzbo, Jib, Jolly, Josh, Jot, Kaboodle, Kind, Kooza, Lassen, Loop, Love, Lucid, Mabel, Magic, Marvel, Music, Painter, Pi, Pick-up, Player, Quest, Quirk, Radiant, Reckless, Rufus, Sambuca, Scribble, Scruffy, Shaker, Singer, Skipper, Slam, Snippet, Spark, Spooner, Story, Stretch, Sugar, Swift, Swing, Swig, Tempo, Thrill, Thrum, Traveler, True, Turbo, Twizzle, Way, Watch, Whisker, Whiskey, Wick, Wild, Wonder, Zeal, Zeitgeist, Zenith, Zoloft, Zoomer, Zorro


Channan said...

My guess will be either Painter or Zoloft.

Am I close? :)

Celeste said...

I do like Zoloft, which is funny, and could be "Zoey" for a girl dog. :-)
Banksy is nice for a boy. Recently watched a movie about Bansky the street artist. "Bank" is good.
Painter is fine, but shortening it to "Paint" might sound - painful?
So many name possibilities!!

Elf said...

When I got my last 2 dogs, I had long lists of possible names. For Tika, I didn't use any of them. For Boost, I used a name I had added to the list several years before and it stood out immediately as the correct name for her. So I suspect what you like now might not matter once you actually meet your next poochie.

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