Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JWW 'Exc A' Debut - Video

The Mensona AKC Trial last weekend was Riff's Excellent A Jumpers With Weaves debut.

Unfortunately my "RFP" between the tunnel and weave poles was misplaced and overdone, so we picked up a refusal. There were a few wi-i-ide turns in there, too (LATE handling), but just making it through this tricky course was fun. Whew!

Self Analysis of this JWW run:
1) Might've been nice to get a longer lead-out.
2) Late taking off for front cross position between jumps 7 and 8.
3) Slow running up the line for position next to the jump after the first tunnel.
4) Too far off the line for the RFP after the second tunnel, and held the RFP way too long.
5) Late getting into position for frontcross after the weaves.
6) No reason to raise left arm after the second jump in the pinwheel.
7) Last rear cross needed to be a diagonal run, not a sloppy "L" shape.

If I were to give one piece of advice to myself, it would be, "Try harder to stay ahead of your dog."
My second piece of advice: "Find your best handling positions during your walk-thru, and then GET THERE, as fast as Riff allows, during the run...."

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