Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Practice

We were able to sneek over to LeapDog and practice for 1/2 hour this morning, between cloudbursts.

The sand arena was smooth as silk when we arrived. It made me think of fresh snow. (Thankfully it doesn't snow around here.) I left the jumps at 20" because wet sand can be hard, although this sand/mix is a really good one. We put some tracks down, working on Riff's 180s.

We practiced a few weave sets. It was so pretty I pulled the camera out. I tried a lead-out at the end of the weaves, thinking I would get a good picture, but he just ran by them and jumped on me.
(NOTE TO SELF: Work on lead-outs around the weaves...)

It was a lot easier to send him through. He's good at that! But who wants to see a photo of a dog butt going through the weaves?

And then..."Hey, weren't you supposed to throw that toy after I got all the way through? Where's my toy?!"

Having fun with the camera, I called him over the a-frame once. This time I had his tug-toy with me, and we played....
Riff was happy out there. The air was glorious - clean and crispy.

We did some flatwork, too. Even running in circles seemed thrilling...!


Joan said...

lucky you.
I came for Practice at noon. no rain until I got to Petaluma. It rained steadily for an hour while I enjoyed coffee at peets....then went home.

Celeste said...

Ahhhhhh.....Peets. ♥♥

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