Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sparkle Day

It's a good day to sparkle...

...and celebrate INDEPENDENCE!

One of those days when I wish I could 'teleport'...or, better yet, just plain-old BE five places at once.  Or maybe six.  So many things I'd love to do. 

We started the day with another nosework session, out at the park. 

Riff was really eager to play.  He loves 'find it' games!

He figured out the stacked boxes very quickly.  Good boy!

LL, our mentor, worked her young dog Five.

During the early afternoon, we were able to go to the agility field, just to play.  Jeff and I took both dogs, and decided just to walk around-and-around the field, letting them play 'fetch' games.  (My pesky arm is sore today.)  Jeff soon got sidetracked visiting Richard, but the dogs and I had a lot of fun.  I'm happy to report that I was able to put Keeper in a 'down' and send Riff, at an angle, through the weaves, or up the A-frame, even though the Keeps was right there with her toy.  Awesome!  Both dogs were really good.

Last night Jeff drove Riff and I to our regular Tuesday agility class.  I just wanted to let Riff run around and say Hi to everyone.  I'm glad we dropped in!  Per LP's suggestion, classmate Annette ran Riff through a couple of courses.  He was terrific!  He didn't make a single mistake (on a Master's level course)...and he looked like he was having tons of fun.  On the way home, my feelings were mixed.  It's tough to watch someone else play with your dog, and do so well, too.  But Jeff reminded me that I should be proud of Riff's training.  He was impressive!  It didn't take much for him to work with another handler.  Just 'Hey, Riff, this is Annette'...and off they went.    Okay, yeah.  That's good....isn't it? 

I'm totally grateful that A agreed to run him.  ((Annette))  hugs!  And how cool is it, to have a dog that plays well with others?

This evening we'll head off to Bette's for their umpteenth annual July 4th BBQ.  Can't wait!  Plenty of sparkling folks will be there.  I just wish we could go to the other BBQ's we were invited to, too.  And the neighborhood parade should be starting in about an hour: decorated kids, on decorated bikes!  Lemonade stands!  Does it get any better?

Sparkles are Everywhere!

Wishing you the best....

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