Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday, Bookended

Ever since my broken arm was released from its "shoulder immobilizer," I've been playing with a CANE - as demonstrated in the Kaiser Physical Therapy handout, below.  

Working hard to get some Range of  Motion back....and muttering a few expletives while I'm at it.    It's not exactly a song-and-dance, but the exercises are little easier each day.   

This morning I met a friend at the downtown Peet's, to chat about mediation.  Meditation isn't as easy as one might think! I'm lucky to be able to sort through my questions with an experienced buddy. 
Is coffee good for meditation?
For instance:  Should I try to meditate while doing physical therapy exercises?  (Then Riff wouldn't have to listen to all my bad words...ha! ha!)

I'm a new convert to the whole MEDITATION thing, but I know enough to wish that young man in Colorado had tried it.  What in god's name was he thinking?  My heart goes out to the victims and their families...and - yes - even to the suspect, and to his family.  So, so sad...and praying for recovery.... 

Yesterday I took the dogs to the agility field to play, and Riff was - yet again - a "no-mistakes wonder-dog" during the short sequences we were able to get through. 

Riff has a naughty spot, but he is a GOOD dog!

Speaking of good...just finished a good book - "Looking for Alaska" by John Green.  Sure, it's written for Young Adults...but I really liked it. Isn't "age" a state of mind?

And, to "bookend" this blog, we watched Giant's pitcher Matt CAIN on TV today, pitch to the Phillies.  [Giants won in the 10th!] I'm not sure what the temperature was in Philadelphia, but it got up to 97 here, so we were happy to laze around the living room for most of the afternoon.....

Matt Cain

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