Monday, July 2, 2012

Meditation / Team USA

Yep.  You read it right.  MEDITATION.  A friend gave me a book....and I thought....Okay.  What the heck, might as well try it, since I can't sing or dance.  Actually I can do both - you just don't want to listen or watch!  But you're welcome to try sometime.  :-) 

Meditating has gone a long way toward getting me through this whole broken arm business.  It helps me slo-o-w down, without feeling too crazy-restless-wild.  It helps me be patient.  It helps me remember that this set-back is temporary

Still...missing the TRACS trial, and then the Bay Team trial in Prunedale, was tough.  Missing my friends...ouch!  Not getting any agility training in is even tougher, because that's hard on the Riffster.  He wants to play.

We did get some NOSEWORK training in, though...and it looks like Riff and I are going to become an Environmental Canine Services team.  Cool!  (I hope.)      

Still, we can't wait to get back to the action of AGILITY.   Soon, Grasshopper....soooon....

In the meantime - we support World Team USA!  It was super to read all about their first team practice last weekend, in blogs by Channan, Tori and Daisy.  Go, Team!!!

Riff thought it was weird to sit-up
with a shirt on.

He was a good model, though....

....because he got yummy treats.
And I promised not to put
any more clothes on him.


Channan said...

Riff looks great in blue! Thanks for supporting us Riff!

corgi2bc said...

It is nice to read that you are anxious to get back to agility. :-)

Nicole said...

he looks awesome in those shirts!! I know the feeling... I was supposed to be at Prunedale last weekend x(
thanks for the post... it is only temporary! and that's so neat you get to be appart of an Environmental Canine Services team!

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