Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Woohoo!  I don't have to wear the shoulder-immobilizer anymore!!  The "bone bridge" repair that a body amazingly undertakes, in order to fix itself after a fracture, is now strong enough to carry the weight of my moving arm. 

Ahhhh.  Thank you, Universe. 

Now the RUBBER HITS THE ROAD.  ie:  Physical Therapy

This poor shoulder currently has the range-of-motion and muscular-strength of a gnat.  My left hand, free at last, wants to resume Normal Life.  (I'm left-handed.)  But - ouch - maybe not right away.  My upper arm is still lumpy and bruised from slamming into that darn step, and they say the muscles and what-all in there - also injured during the fall - need more time to recover...     

The therapist said:
"This will take time." 
"Be patient." 
"No, it will be a while before you can begin jogging.  Weeks.  Maybe months."
"Don't push yourself too fast or you'll re-injure it."
"You don't want to fall again, it will re-break." 
"It will take you six months to a year to get back to where you were."
"See you next week."  

But of course I'm thinking I can heal faster than that.  That old saying "no pain, no gain" comes to mind, and I want to do all the exercises every day, as much as my arm can stand.  Obviously the PATIENCE LESSON remains a big part of my I'll be careful....


But dig this bottom line: 

We'll be back on the agility field soooon!


Anonymous said...

That's great news! On to further healing, without breaking anything again. :-)
Jo and the boys

Celeste said...

Thanks, Jo and the boys!

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