Thursday, July 26, 2012

Motivation Mantra

Must get off caboose, look at calendar and decide when to go to another agility trial. 
Must get out of bed earlier in the morning and walk dogs farther - work harder at getting back into shape.
Must start jogging soon - go faster, stride longer.   
Must do PT exercises more often.
Must get back to agility training and get back to renting practice time at agility fields.
Must find a way out of the "take it easy" mode.  (Feeling so sl-o-ow-w and slee-ee-eepy...)
[Does someone need to poke me with a sharp stick?]

TODAY'S MOTIVATION MANTRA - Move  Move  Move  Move  Move!

Thank goodness a couple of border collies are waiting for me to Wake Up and Get With It....

And they're not always patient!

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