Saturday, February 4, 2012


yearn·ing (yûr n ng). n. A persistent, often wistful or melancholy desire; a longing: a yearning for romance and adventure.

Desire.  Romance.  Adventure.  (?!)  Powerful words. 

"Yearning" has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I've heard it described as "a basic human condition," so I try not to worry about it much.  Some mystics believe that all humans (perhaps even all living beings) yearn to be together, in some sort of "shared universal energy and understanding" - and that as long as we have individual bodies, we will feel that yearning.   I used to think it was because I'm an identical twin (a once-whole egg that split in half) and that I was just missing my "other half."   Or maybe, when I was little, I needed more hugs from my mom.  Or.  Something.  Most of the time I'm too busy to think about it.   

But my life is simpler these days, now that I'm not teaching at the college any more.  I can sleep in late, if I want.  Or I could if I didn't have border collies, and wasn't a total morning person.  Nothing quite as wonderful as the sunrise!  (Except maybe a beautiful sunset.  And the full moon.  And...and....) 

Today I woke up sure.  That's the weirdest part about this feeling!  What, exactly, am I yearning for?  Life is good.  Other than the relentless political scene of an election year.  All the PACs, attacks, lies and counter-lies.   And a few other more important clashing, grinding social/cultural problems. 

Lately I've been thinking about this quote:  "I don't want to be a consumer in a corporate world.  I want to be a citizen in a community!"  Maybe I'm yearning for.....a community....?

So this morning, filled with that mysterious yearning, I went outside and walked up and down the path in our backyard for 1/2 hour or so, as quickly as I could, while the dogs ran.  Nothing like a brisk walk in the company of good dogs to soothe the soul.

This amazing oak branch winds its way to the sun above the lower path. 
I love the beautiful weight and strength of it.

The camellia bushes are coming into bloom.
They're about twelve feet tall, carrying so many buds....
we'll soon have a corner carpet of red, white and pink.

Love watching Riff run.

A lot of folks I know are over at the fairgrounds, enjoying an AKC agility trial.  There will be a trial at the fairgrounds (10 minutes from my house!) every weekend this month.  I plan to take Riff over there to say Howdy! to some folks, and to work our start-line stays at the practice jumps.  I don't feel ready to compete yet.  But we're working on it! 

Yesterday we had a nice practice session out at LeapDog.  We worked on our contacts.  I threw a couple of weave sets in, too....he was perfect!   We also helped LP video some puppy-training with Clever.  That puppy is so CUTE, and a real firecracker.   She's getting big fast...I'll need to get some photos before she's all grown up. 

I did manage to grab an iPhone shot of Riff running in the back pasture after our practice time.  He loves those wide-open spaces.  

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