Sunday, February 5, 2012

The best laid plans....

....don't always work out.

Next time!  I tell myself.  Next time!

[Even though the fact of the matter is that TODAY is what is happening, and no one knows when Next Time will actually present itself...]

Yesterday we stayed at home.  I let pruning and raking leaves totally distract me from taking Riff to the trial for some much-needed StartLine training on the practice jumps.  My garden is a little happier, however.  That's good, right? 

This morning we actually made it to the fairgrounds....YAY!   [Sometimes I need to pat myself on the back for taking even the small steps.]  However, I did not work Riff on the practice jump.  I told myself he was too tired from playing in the field.  (Ha!)  I told myself the people who entered the trial needed to work the jump, and we'd be in the way.  (Not!)  I made all kinds of goofy excuses...and never did get him on the jump.  [Now the trick is to just Get Over It, and get him on a practice jump next weekend.] 

To be honest:  I woke up this morning thinking about not competing in agility anymore.  Wow...I don't know...can that possibly be an option?  I've put quite a lot of time, energy, study...even love....even heart and soul...into this sport...why would I be thinking about not competing?    I know I want to continue going to our lessons, and playing agility a few times a week - but I'm feeling much, much less certain about the competitions. 

[Those of you who know how competitive I can be, how pleased I can be with winning a Q or a class, how much fun it is to jump and and down with my friends who win ribbons and Qs and may be surprised.  Actually....I'm-all surprised.]

Caught a glimpse of Nancy Gyes this morning, and she came over and gave me a hug.  (So nice!)  She asked if we"ve been trialing, and I almost blurted out "No, no, I think we're done."  but whew! I did not.  I just said "Not lately" and muttered something about needing more training.  She said, "We ALWAYS never stops!" and rushed off to get one of her dogs ready for a class. 

True, that.  Life is a chair of bowlies!

In the meantime, Riff and the lovely Keeper had a marvelous time this morning, playing fetch on the big grassy field at the trial.  Two tired dogs by the end of our session! 

Enjoyed chatting with Channan and Kate E and some of the folks at the trial.  What a terrific bunch of people.  Love, love, love. 

And y'know...I did work Riff's sit-and-wait (and down-and-wait) in the field.  He was pretty darn good:  I could throw the toy wa-a-ay out there while standing right next to him, I could release Keeper without him, I could run by him toward the toy, circle around him, etc etc.  His StartLine was the field. 

Maybe I just didn't want to mess up his Glow of Success by testing him at the crowded practice jump.   

Or...wait....does that sound like an excuse...?


Tori Self said...

"Life is a chair of bowlies!"
hahaha :)

If you haven't, you should read The War of Art!

Celeste said...

Thanks, Tori...I will look for that book. :-) Hugs...

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