Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well Heckipoo

Riff missed at least 50% of his weave entries in our class tonight.  Granted, they were tough angles...but...still.  Heckipoo! 


We'll continue to earnestly work on weave entries (concentrating on running a fast line of obstacles into tough angles), and will begin to earnestly work on rear crosses. 

Hey, half the fun of agility is that it's a life-long learning experience.  Right?  Right!


PS....It was great to hear about how my classmates did during last weekend's show.  A new OAJ, and a whole slew of double-Qs.  My class is full of lovely teams, on their way to MACHs.  We're lucky to be part of it. 


vici whisner said...

Don't get yourself down. Weaves are tough. Entrances tougher, especially for bigger dogs. Just keep working on it and he will get it!

Fin has gone through period where she forgot how to enter. Agility is a journey, not a destination. We get to have loads of interesting things happen and sometimes we have to stop in a small town and have our radiator replaced. :) Sending good weave groovy thoughts your way.

Celeste said...

Thanks, Vici...

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