Friday, February 10, 2012

Parkour, anyone?

Drizzly weather caused our field rental to be canceled this morning (sad), but we did have a heck-a good time playing in the backyard (happy!). 

Sipping on my coffee, watching Keeps and the Riffle run circles, teasing each other (each carrying a toy the other wanted), I got to wondering if Riff and I could play parkour in our backyard.  Would it be possible to train him to think of "rock," "steps," "hedge," "chair," "bench," et al, in the same way as he does agility obstacles?  Of course it would have to be a totally safe game, for my peace of mind and his well-being. 

Then....if he got good at it in the backyard....could we play the game someplace like - Spring Lake?  Annadel?   The neighborhood park?  Downtown?   

Maybe I should've had this idea when I was in my twenties and had the ability to physically keep up.  It would require plenty of scouting beforehand, too.   (Which might be lots of fun....)

And.  Distance training.  Yes? 



Saw a nice little video of Riff's littermate EX running a Starter's Jumpers course last week in - I think it was Texas.

Ex in 2011

Ex-in-motion reminds me a lot of Riff!  Beautiful dog, very nice run.  Ex does have a thicker longer coat, however, more white, and his ears were set to prick.  You'll always be able to tell the difference between Riff and Ex.  Heh heh!  


Riff's last weave-training session on Wednesday was terrrrrific.  He seems to be finally "getting" it: collect and enter at the first pole - regardless of the angle, speed of approach, or obstacle you're coming from.  I'm very proud of my boy!

Last but not least, here's a sweet cartoon:  

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