Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Newsflash

Last night I set up the new infrared motion-sensor camera that Santa left under the tree at Christmas. 

Our fence is so tall (anti-deer) I had to extend the old tripod all the way, to get the camera facing down toward the creek.  Another option is to tie the camera to the fence, but I was afraid I'd drop it...which would then mean trying to figure out how to retrieve it.  But I might tie it to the inside of the fence tonight, down low, as long as I can keep the lens away from trees, wire, or our neighbor's windows.   Or I might set it up on our back deck, because I'm curious to know what has been traveling (pitter-patter) across the deck in the middle of the night. 

Photos from last night:


And a mystery photo.  Is this a deer butt? 
Is a deer checking out the tripod? 
Or is something crawling on the fence at 1:30am? 

I love cameras of all kinds, and this one looks like it could be a lot of fun...

NEWSFLASH:  Also received a very cool photo yesterday, from my friend LP. 

She has a new puppy!!!!  I am beyond excited.   Riff and I get to meet her tomorrow.  Woohoo!!!!

Clever puppy

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