Friday, January 6, 2012

Stuck At Home

This is what happens when I get stuck at home for a few days, feeling sick: 

Books.  Nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with a quilt, a fire, a couple of border collies, and a good book.  (ROOM by Emma Donoghue - excellent.)  I love everything about reading by the fireplace....except getting restless.  Especially with BCs staring at me. 

So we wander around the backyard a lot.  I wander with a big jacket on, and slipper boots.  The dogs run with their toys.  It's been beautiful outside, but COLD. 

Wednesday I took a photo of our horse sculpture, because we watched the DVD of BUCK and I was totally missing my previous horse-training life.  Had planned to see the movie War Horse, but it didn't happen.  Not yet, anyway.

Made potato-leek soup and ate a million vitamins. 

Looked up the history of Kleenex.  (Kleenex is a godsend!  Can only imagine how many handkerchiefs I would've washed....)  Originally invented in 1924 for Hollywood stars, as a throw-away tissue for removing cold cream and make-up.  Love seeing Little LuLu and her cute dog in the ads.  Didn't we listen to Little Lulu episodes on the radio?   Or....maybe that was Lil' Orphan Annie.  We'd listen to Sky King, too...while my dad made oatmeal for breakfast.

Wrote Christmas Thank you cards, but it was the day I had a fever, and I'm pretty sure I told a couple of people "thanks" for the wrong gifts.  Oh duh.  

Worked a jigsaw puzzle.  (That's when you know - absolutely - that you've been house-bound far too long.)   

The table is in the same room as the fireplace, so that was nice.  All went well....until I was finished, and one piece was missing.  It was a brand new puzzle!  How aggravating is that??!  I looked everywhere.  Did one of the dogs eat it?

It wasn't until I was cleaning up my "sorting trays" that I found it. 

How many times was I holding the tray in my hand, totally frustrated because I couldn't find that one piece?  A lot.  All that time it was stuck to the bottom of the tray.  But YAY!  There it is!

Now we have a long weekend stretching before us, with nothing scheduled.  Bliss!  Because I'm feeling better.  Woohoo!  We'll try a couple of short hikes. 

We have a private lesson "weave entries" scheduled for Monday.  Riff is getting ready for his USDAA Debut Part Deux, Jan 21.  Can't wait!!

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