Saturday, January 14, 2012


Spent Thursday in the City with my son Will.  What a beautiful day!  San Francisco hasn't seen this kind of weather (for this many days in a row) in many years.  No fog!  Are we worried about our lack of moisture?  Yeah, actually, we are a bit worried.  But in the meantime, we try to enjoy ourselves.  

Will and I went to the Museum of Modern Art for a nice brunch, and to get cultured.

I tried to take a photo of us.  Oops.

Sorry, Richard Serra.  I totally didn't "get" your exhibit.  All black shapes.
Just flat black.   All it made me think of was the million or so stage flats
I've painted black over the last twenty-five-some-odd years.
This is a nice photo of Will, though. 

We pretty much had the whole floor to ourselves. 
Which was kind of fun. 
How often do you get to be loud and laugh and run around like silly goons in a museum?
But when we literally stumbled into three ushers, we learned that 
"No running is allowed!  No photographs are allowed on the 4th floor!"
We liked the Francesca Woodman photography exhibit on the fifth floor.
Cameras were allowed.  :-)

The "Where's Waldo?" view from the museum.

And this light installation in the lobby is really cool. 
It looks like a big box-shape of little lights hanging on wires...
but if you watch it for a while from the balcony, you'll see
shadows of birds flying round in it. 
The only way I can show you is with a video.
Or you can visit the SFMOMA...

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