Friday, January 20, 2012

Mud Dog

Riff loves mud.  He's not a big fan of rain, but he's always liked dirt...and mud is even better.  Wahoo!!

Why stick to our backyard path when there are muddy trails through the brush?    At times like these, I'm almost glad he doesn't have the same luxurious coat as his littermate Rampage. 

Cindy diFranco mentioned Riff's lack of undercoat when she gave him a massage on Monday.  She also laughingly noticed the random wispy bits of long fur on his sides, and around his ears.  They are kind of cute, so I laughed with her.  He has about a dozen lo-o-ng strands of red fur on each of his sides, and around each ear.  Although I brush those areas religiously, the strange long bits never want to come out.  She said he must've gotten only a tiny smattering of the "long fur genes" his brothers and sister got...  

Anyway.  This is how Riff may look when we go into the ring tomorrow for our Starters Standard class.   Better to have him a bit tired, wet and dirty than jumping out of his skin or breaking his startline, yes?  Hhhmmmm.  We'll see.  

To those of you whom Riff loves to greet with hugs and kisses....I'll do my best to keep his muddiness off of you.   

Today I wish I'd signed up for all the Starters and Advanced classes Riff can be in.  Today I'm thinking it would be more fun to be in a bunch of classes - for exercise and training - than to show up for just one or two 50-second runs.   "But wait a minute, self," I have to say, "You kept the schedule ultra-light so that you wouldn't re-injure your back.  Stick to the program.  All will be well!"  

Wow, speaking of "self"....Tori Self and her marvelous dog Rev were invited to represent AKC at the big Cruft's Show in England!   Go, TORI and REV! 

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