Thursday, January 26, 2012


Clever and Riff

Riff was excited to play with Clever.  He made himself tiny, and approached her from a crawly-position.  She was so energetic he soon stood up and offered to play.  She roiled around happily, running this way and that between his legs, winding her little leash around and jumping on his head.  Riff decided he'd rather play with LP.  Maybe he thought jumping on LP would be more fun than letting Clever jump on him.  Or maybe he wanted to talk her into letting her puppy loose.  LP explained to him "I'm trying to get Clever to pay attention to me, even when other dogs are around...!"
Clever is stronger and more confident, every day.  Charming Plupper Clever!  She's now ten-weeks old.  I feel like a lucky auntie...

Riff has been having a good week.  Our Tuesday lesson was great!  Even though we worked several tough approaches to back-side jumps and weave entries, on Masters courses, Riff ran like he knew exactly what to do.  And his peripheral vision was ON!  From well-ahead of me, he turned back and forth through several jumps as though he were reading my mind.  He had solid start-lines.  At one point he picked up a decel cue in time to execute one of the tightest turns I've ever seen from him.  Someday we're going to show up at a trial with this kind of mindset.  You'll enjoy watching him run....

Our weave-entry practice sessions have been going pretty well, too.  Just two more are scheduled, but I may try to add two more after that.  I'd like to test his weave entry with tunnels and contact obstacles, too. 

Ever onward....

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