Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remembering the Good Parts

December is Operation Riff-Is-My-Best-Buddy Month (Subtitle:  Always Look On the Bright Side of Life). 

We've been going on morning walks without Keeper.  I even took him to Riverfront Park - alone - after many apologies and some extra treats to Keeper.  We had a fabulous time. 
Heading out.


Riff the Shadow

We're working on a new trick - crawling.  He's just about got me trained....(hahaha).  Might have to video that one sometime - you'd get a laugh out of it. 

Our Tuesday agility class was fun, too.  The social scene was terrific, as always - oh, those ladies can make me laugh - but I need to remember the good parts of Riff's work, too.  Otherwise the bits that seem to be (!)utterly and completely untrained(!) will leave dark twisty trails all through my brain - a well-known cause of handler motivation malfunction.  

Riff's wraps were decent.  He was very attentive - which is to say he did not design his own course this time.  (Yay!)  He had excellent startlines, with lo-o-ong lead-outs.  His lateral work was great.  Once he loaded into the weaves, he was fast.  Once he was weaving, I could get as far away from him as I wanted (quite far) and he still sped through to the end.  He didn't knock any bars.  We got to play lots of tug.  [I know, I know...the back says No, but the brain says Yes - so the compromise is "don't lean over."]  His down on the table was lovely.  He seemed Happy!  Also - and this is the most important - he looked handsome. 

Well, I do have a list of things to work on.  Couldn't help it - I left with a couple of notes.  We need to continue working on fundamentals while our instructor, classmates and agility friends get ready for the big Bay Team trial coming up this weekend.    (Jealous?  Me?  Maybe.  Kinda.  Sorta.  Yeah.)

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