Friday, December 2, 2011

75 degrees!

It was WARM today...unseasonably, strangely warm.  The wind hasn't been too ferocious in our county, thank heavens, but it is as dry as a good martini.  I wish it was still Wintery, with rain and cooler temps.  (But maybe I shouldn't say that out loud....)

Jeff is gone this weekend, and the dogs and I are on our own.  We had a couple of nice walks (all three of us) and they helped me prune a bush and rake a boatload of leaves in the backyard.  (You can imagine how much help they were.)   I also took Riff to the practice field for a while. 

Riff did well!  He scored 100% on his weave entries, even when I took a couple of good long lead-outs, with him on my right.  We worked a few angled entries from rather distant jumps.    We also practiced 270's and a serp or two...but we mostly played "retrieve" games.  I'm fighting a cold and it felt good to stand in one spot for a while.  I love that my dogs enjoy bringing toys back!  Which they do - mostly - with good speed and enthusiasm.  Except....every once in a while, they'll run out in a big circle with the toy, then come back.  I like to blame that on their border collie herding instincts.    Hahah!

After the retrieve games I got myself into trouble, by asking Riff to do just one more weave-with-a-long-lead-out.  I wanted to see what he'd do from my left.  What was I thinking?  He missed the entry twice, so I moved my lead-out down to just two poles, and changed his starting point, and he was successful.  I could tell he was hot and tired before I even asked for that last weave...  Bad trainer!  But at least we ended on a good note.  Then we simply walked around for a few minutes.  He got to cool off, and I got to play with my little camera.

I love how quickly dogs forgive us for our mistakes.  I wish we could all be like that, with each other. 

Tonight we're takin' it easy.  Watching a little TV before we go to bed...

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