Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Puppy Lust

Okay - so, really.  How many dogs does the average champion world-class dog agility person own?  I'd say four.  Maybe five. 

And they probably keep an eye on breeder websites, and often think about adding to the pack.  (Listen to me use the term "they" they're someone else!  Well the "world-class" part is definitely someone else...but...the rest of it?  Hmmmm....)

Puppy lust.  It strikes at the oddest moments. 

NO NEW PUPPY FOR ME!  I make this statement loud and clear. 
( my!  NO!  NO!) 

I have all I can handle with two dogs.  Riff is so young.  He still acts like a puppy.  Puppy zoomies at least twice a day.  Yep - he's a big a puppy!  Plus, we live with a Two Dogs Only rule.  That alone sets me apart from the Totally Serious Dog Agility Person.  They have at least three dogs.  Most often four.  Yes?  Except...Ashley has only two dogs.  And...I can probably think of others.  Or....maybe not.  Who else?

If the world-class competitor is married, or co-habitating, which is the same thing in my book, their partners are probably also running dogs.  Or their partner Works in Another State and is Gone A Lot.  Or they live in a huge house with a huge yard and maybe even a kennel, and running the dogs is a breeze, and their partner isn't constantly "annoyed."  Plus they probably have a Terrific Dog Sitter, so traveling is easy peasy.  Plus they probably have a king-size bed, and sleeping with multiple dogs is NOT a problem. 
So I guess my question is:  How do married dog agility people (those with a partner who isn't really a dog person) manage to have more than two dogs?   Are you one of those lucky people?  Want to tell me how you did it?  Or...maybe you better not. 

Because, no....I really, really don't want a new puppy.  Honest. 

Christmas Day, 2008


Anonymous said...

Eventually you just stop asking permission and you just get another puppy. It is a sickness, I will admit. Thankfully, so far, my husband still loves me and my crazy dogs. Not sure how he is going to feel about 5 dogs in another couple of years... ;-)

Then we will be on the "new plan" of a puppy every 4-5 years so we will always just be at 3-4 dogs. I got a little crazy at first with the border collies. Oops. It happens.

Jo and the Boys

Anonymous said...

I have puppy fever too! My husband is adamant no third dog at our current house. I look at Bling, my work schedule and my enery level and think I don't need another dog. But I continue to look at breedings and homes for sale.

Merry Christmas,
Laurie, Bling and Sunshine

Celeste said...

Thanks, Jo...not sure that one would work for me - but I'll keep it in mind! :-)

Laurie....hope to see you soon. We can talk about current breedings! :-) And what I wouldn't give for a big patch of flat lawn and some agility equipment...

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