Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A New Day

Yesterday's agility lesson was fun.  I did a spot of "running" again and oh golly, moving faster feels great!   (Even though I have a special talent for running to the wrong spot, or arriving at the correct spot too late, or too early....)

Riff looked splendidly happy (even when he was confused), and he jumped well.  We need to work on being able to tell the difference between a right-to-left rear cross and a decel right-turn into a 180, with me quite a ways behind him, and with an enticing obstacle off to the left.  We also need to work on our weave entries.  And brush-up on startline stays.  And then there's the fact that when I do manage to get ahead of him on-course, he's pretty surprised to see me there.  For about seven months I've been behind him....  But!  If we can pull ourselves together a bit more....I think we might make it to the January USDAA trial.  (Knock on wood!)  It would be a 'training trial.' 

Sandy the Vet surprised me this morning by dropping by our house with some Krill capsules for Keeper.  She says a lot of people give Rimadyl to their older dogs who have trouble getting up, but she's seen some great results with this stuff.  She also felt the lump on Keeper's chest.  She thinks it's probably a fatty deposit and that I shouldn't worry about it.  YAY!  Of course she still wants me to keep an eye on it, and report any changes.  Sandy is super nice. 

When I photographed the sunrise this morning I had a feeling today might be wonderful.


kiwichick said...

Phew. Can you tell me where to get the Krill Caps?

Celeste said...

Kiwi - The krill came from my vet, but she said acupuncturists use it, so maybe a health / vitamin store? It's marked "EPAQ" krill oil supplement and the brand name appears to be 'Health Concerns.' I see that it's made in Canada. Hope that helps!

kiwichick said...

Thanks Celeste.

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