Monday, January 31, 2011

Obsession Session

Riff and I went to an "Obsession Session" workshop put on by Moe Strenfel this week.
[Way more fun than the screw-top wine of the same name...]
The trip down was rainy.

The warehouse district in Brisbane was a wee bit different than the country setting we're used to in Sonoma County....

....but once indoors, Riff settled nicely. He seemed excited to run on the mat floor, and not at all bothered by being in a warehouse. Good dog!

There were five teams in the group, and we ran through eight different exercises during the four-hour session. Moe teaches the Derrett handling method.
#1 - warm up with 270's (two jumps w/tunnel trap)
#2 - warm up with rear crosses (two jumps w/tunnel trap)
#3 - pinwheels with front crosses (and yeah, that tunnel was still out there...)
#4 - pinwheels with threadles
#5 - pinwheels with serps
#6 - a review of how to train a dog "Left" and "Right," starting with sitting in a chair...etc...
#7 - a gamble exercise w/3 jumps and a tunnel
#8 - a gamble exercise w/4 jumps and a tunnel
Riff did pretty well (the big goofball)! I was happy with him. I put my video camera on a tripod to tape Riff and I, plus as much as I could get of Moe's lectures. I drew maps, took notes, ate the yummy chocolate cake one of the ladies brought, and learned a LOT. If I had to pick only three words to summarize what I learned they would be - CLEANER, FASTER, SMOOTHER.
[Note: this blog is NOT about vaccuum cleaners or shaving cream...]
Hopefully I'll be able to post a short video sometime soon.

We stayed overnight at a friend's house. Our drive home was gorgeous!

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Joan said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I'm still pouring through all my videos. I thought both baby dogs did really, really well.

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