Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Practice Video

I couldn't decide whether to bring Keeper or Riff to practice today. They both need practice.
Hells bells, I'm the one that needs practice!
As it ended out, I brought the Riffle. I tried to pick a few obstacles we could just have fun with. We did!
We need to work on a LOT of stuff (the handler continues to hang back during the weaves, for instance - and she needs to train her dog how to accept her running alongside and ahead....), but we'll get to it. We have lots of time. I remind myself that he just turned two in November. He's still a young dog. We have lots of time. Don't we?


Anonymous said...

That's what I need to keep repeating to myself - "he's only 2, lots of time, he's only 2, lots of time... "

Riff looks great!

Channan said...

He looks great. I love his jumping. He's a natural, unlike his brother who still looks awkward and uncomfortable.

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