Friday, September 14, 2012


Some of today's events:

1)  My morning meditation was filled with distraction.  Thoughts roamed from imagining embassy riots to playing the oboe with a symphony orchestra.  I don't play the oboe.  It sure would be nice, though.  If I had one single "Do Over" from my youth, it would be "learn a musical instrument." 

2)  Breakfast was marvelous.  Well, yeah, it was Cheerios....but it was marvelous.  I think it had something to do with the glorious morning light - muted by cloud cover, brightened by the smile of my lovely husband and the wagging tails of my sweet dogs.

3)  Got into a political discussion with my youngest son.  Never a good idea.  I shy away from all political discussions.  (Yet I got into one on FB yesterday!  What's happening...??!)  Honestly, I like to think about positive things.  Positive!  Which is difficult to do, in the arena of politics.  Arrgh!  Nevertheless, after our discussion, my son and I grew closer.  We both "toughed it out"....we stuck to our guns...even though we experienced Angst, in the form of interruptions and raised voices.  We experienced Distress.  This is never, ever how I want to spend an hour with anybody.  I hate confrontation.  Although....I cannot quite call our experience a "confrontation."  We shared information.  We argued for our points of view.  Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!  Then we calmed down.  We smiled at each other.  We hugged.  We said how much we loved and admired each other.  We hugged again.  We promised to talk more often. 

That's not all 

Then we worked on digging a hole and transplanting a Japanese maple.  Gardening is GREAT. 

4)  Dusted, vaccuumed.  Yawned.

5)  Read a few chapters of a novel.  (John Grisham's The Litigators.  Lightweight.  Which is nice, today.)

6)  Had a good ECS WEST nose-work training session with Gwen, right in my own backyard.  Some of the confusion I've been feeling regarding that particular adventure melted away.  Riff did pretty well.  Good boy!!  Her three dogs did well.  We talked and talked and talked.  She is a Horse Person.  I love her 4 1/2 month-old BC, Flip.  What a cutie!  She likes Riff.  Now I'm thinking Riff and I will stay in the project. (Um.....maybe.  Not entirely sure...)

7)  Watched PBS Newshour.  Depressing. 

8)  The GIANTS game just started.  Jeff is making popcorn.  See you later...!!!!


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