Friday, September 21, 2012 a video of BU

Today we were entered in a couple of classes at the local AKC trial, but I woke up at 3:am with a terrible migraine.  Even though I took some Imitrex right away, I never felt GOOD enough to get up and go to the show.  Maybe tomorrow.  We have two more classes tomorrow. 

But.  Will we go?  I'm trying not to be's just a little tiny AKC show, held on dirt in the indoor arena.  My plan was (is?) to show Riff out of the car.  His crate behavior has been so tiring lately, I don't want to put him through it.  Maybe I should take him over to the fairgrounds right now!  And walk around with him.  We could work on being calm ringside.  Except I feel nauseated still, and kind of nervous about going.  Even though we for sure missed our classes. 

Hey....the only reason for us to trial is to HAVE FUN.  Seriously...!

Because I have no big goals regarding titles or world-class competitions.  I just enjoy running with my dog.  At this point, all we need is some fun.  I love all my agility friends, for instance, and it's a lot of fun to hang out with them.  And - yeah - winning is fun.  No doubt. 

But I get so nervous.  My tummy goes funny, and my head hurts....and it all starts days before a trial. 

A while ago I read a book titled NERVE, by Taylor Clark, which has a ton of good advice about how an athlete can "face his demons," so to speak.  I took notes...blogged about it, even.  I need to practice using my nerves as a pathway to fun...

But right now I'm rationalizing my way into waiting for mid-October, when there is a USDAA trial that will be held out on the grass (way more fun than dirt). 

Do I sound like a Libra?  So indecisive....(and wasting that entry money!)

Here's the link to a video of the 2012 European Open Champion, by the famous [young] Silvia Trkman. 

This is a gorgeous agility run, on a standard course.   I'd love to run like this.  Yeah.  Hmmm.  Maybe I'm setting the bar a tad bit high...?   I'd love to be able to stay ahead of my dog, though.  And consistently show him - clearly, decisively, and in a timely manner - which obstacle is next.


Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up for crating out of the car. I'll never go back to crating near the ring or in a building unless I absolutely have no other choice. It is so much more restful for the dogs to be away from the madness.

Hope you felt well enough to go to the trial. Nerves are no fun. I am feeling plenty of them over the Finals in KFalls... eek.

Celeste said...

We didn't make it to the trial.
Ah, well. Next time!

Jo...remember to have a baaa-some time at the Sheepdog Finals in KF!

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