Friday, September 21, 2012

In the Meantime

The Rifflet and I have been to "scent work" practice a few times this week.  Some of the ECS West folks are gearing up because the "head honcho" is coming in from Michigan next weekend, to see how we're doing.

To be honest, I'm a bit on the fence about the whole thing.  I can't picture its future as a business...don't know what it takes to get "certified"....not sure which training advice I should try to follow....don't know exactly what kind of work the dogs are supposed to do during a "field test."  The unknowns are piling up, and as a result I'm confused, and my enthusiasm is dying down.  Tried to sort it all out during a meeting with LL, then decided to give it to the end of the month.  We'll do our best through September, at least.

We did have a particularly pleasant session out at Nagasawa Park.  None of the folks had ever been there before!  It's amazing how a nice little park can get "lost."  Personally, I hope it stays off the beaten path.
The view from the park, across the Santa Rosa
plain, shows the evening fog rolling in.

Molly at work.

Kona enjoying a game of tug.

Poppy gets a treat.

The "Greek Chorus" shares a laugh....

Riff says, "Okay, got it!  Now can we play some agility??"

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