Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Tree

We have a couple of Japanese Maples in our backyard that tend to procreate.  I often pull baby trees up, as if they're weeds.  I pull Japanese Maples, baby Oaks, Dogwoods, Plums and Apples.  Our backyard loves to grow trees.  It's already a 'forest'...but it is determined to be 'More of a Forest'! 
Even in the frontyard, there's a section of dirt that loves to grow baby Chinese Pistachios.  A neighbor once asked if he could come by and harvest them.  "Yes!  Absolutely!  Please!"  We have so many trees...

Some years ago I transplanted a baby Japanese Maple into a new gardening area.  It took off, and is now a lovely tree.  So I planted another baby tree in a wooden box. 

Today my youngest son and I transplanted the tree, now an adolescent, from the box into the ground.  Another backyard tree!  Cross your fingers that we put it in a good spot.  I'm hoping it will show its beautiful red colors in another few weeks...then survive the winter.  Good luck, sweet tree! 

And THANK YOU for your help, sweet son.

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