Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well, poodinky. 

After our practice yesterday morning must admit that Riff and I are still having trouble with rear crosses.  Our discriminations were working really well...YAY!....but he did a loop-de-loop the wrong way during several rear crosses from right to left.  I wish I could say our trouble is one-sided...that we're fine going left to right...   (I can almost say that...but not 100%.)

Riff corrects himself very quickly...but we definitely need to get rid of that spin, and tighten up the line. 

Am I crossing too late?  Maybe I'm adding an extra half-step, waiting for Riff to go by ("After you, Sir!") and, since he has such a long, ground-eating stride, that half-step is costly.  And/or maybe I'm decelerating just after the first jump, and he reads it as a possible wrap? 

So I did my best to get through the sequence with a correct, smooth and timely cue.  Hmmm.  Why didn't that work?

I added a verbal, "Riff!"  Was my verbal too late?   Shoot. 

SO...You'd think I'd know this by now:      Those questions marks would disappear if I'd had my video camera out there with me!!!

Ah, well.  Next time.  Hopefully...

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