Friday, March 2, 2012


Every once in a while it's fun to stroll into the downtown area, to see what there is to see...

We parked the car next to Cancer Survivors Park, because it's an easy spot to get in and out of.
(But not so easy for the survivors, who experience a lot of bravery, luck and love, when push comes to shove.
And then, after that...maybe a wee bit of guilt.  Because they survived, and others did not.
May they rest in peace.)

This is one of the fountains that live downtown.  I think it's from Korea. 
Or Japan.  Or China.  Jeez, that's bad.  I should know.
All I'd have to do is read the plaque.

This is a place that used to be called Anarchy Alley. 
Protestors liked it.  So did the Goths.  It used to be a sort of "homebase" for them.
Before it was known as Anarchy Alley, I used to eat my lunch there every day.
That was (OMG) 40 years ago, when I worked at the downtown library.
The wall with the beautiful mural was an ugly beige, when I lunched there.
There were no flowering bushes. 
I used to have a cigarette, after lunch.
Times have changed.

I have always enjoyed this particular lamp shop.
As opposed to a "lamb chop"...which I actually would not care for, at all. 
If you have a really good imagination, you might imagine that this is
Riff and I, out for a walk....

The margarita at LaRosa was yummy.
When did you last actually taste the tequila in your margarita?
Wow.  Straight to my head.
And the ambience was lovely.

Of course, after a stop at LaRosa, you'll need to stop at PEET'S.

And no downtown visit is complete without going into a bookstore.

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