Friday, March 23, 2012

National Puppy Day...

Just found out today is National Puppy Day.     Sweet! 

Although....I'd bet money that just about every day is "National Something-or-other Day."  Didn't the Hallmark Card Company invent all kinds of "holidays" over the last fifty years?  Still - who can't get excited about a Puppy Day?  Okay, maybe cat people aren't too excited about it. 

Wait a sec...let me Day.....

Well, there you go!  Today is also "Cuddly Kitten Day"...."Kick Butts Day" (anti-smoking)...."National Chip and Dip Day"  (yum!)...."Melba Toast Day" (meh)....and "Near Miss Day" (which commemorates this same date in 1989 when an asteroid narrowly missed hitting the earth).   And there may be more. 

Are you tempted to google "National Holidays" for your birthday now?   

The holidays on my last birthday included  "Name Your Car Day," "World Farm Animals Day," "National Custodial Worker Day," and "National Fried Scallops Day"...

But let's get back to puppies!

Riff and I were excited to see LP's puppy Clever out at the practice field today.  What a beauty!  She is leggy...very nicely put together...and energetic!  Riff wanted to say "hello" but quickly remembered that Clever is the pup that likes to jump on his head.  So what did he do?  He scooted into the nearest open crate and continued saying "hello" while Clever jumped on the wire sides...    You always hear about how smart BCs are.  Believe it!   He was also smart enough to get back out of the crate before she joined him in it.  ;-)

These are iPhone pics, so the quality isn't great, but you'll see how pretty Clever is.

Riff sees the puppy coming to visit....
Clever was busy training LP how to give her treats for behaving on-leash.

Clever has the cutest little white chin.
Riff totally impressed me by laying down quietly to watch the puppy play with a tug toy.
He usually wants the toy too badly to stay calm and quiet.
I think he was tired after our practice time.
(We had a lot of fun, and he was a star!)

Clever tugs really well...even while she's checking out the camera.
Gr-r-r-reat puppy!
And two more photos, from Puppy files.  This is RIFF, taken when he was about 8 weeks old:

and KEEPER, when she was about 9 or 10-ish weeks (rescued from the county dogpound):

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Happy National Puppy Day!!!

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