Monday, May 16, 2011

An Upbeat Update

My son, after spending over six months recovering from a bicycle vs. car accident in San Francisco, has returned to work!   And HAPPY to be there!  He now buses to the Opera house, instead of riding a bicycle.  He doesn't seem to want another bike [a secret YAY! from me].  He talks about getting a small car.  But after living in San Francisco for over 10 years, and knowing what having a car is like in The City, he doesn't talk about it often.  He still has a bit of a limp.  His doctor told him to forever avoid activities involving "high impact" playing basketball.  His attorney is trying to make sure the bills get paid.  Will is a "million dollar man"!  (Remember that old TV show?)  It's amazing how expensive everything is.  We really need healthcare reform in this country...

I grabbed these photos of 'Will at work' off of the TV, when PBS aired a special called "Journey of The Bonesetter's Daughter: Making of the Opera." So the pics are poor, but you get the idea.  The special was filmed in 2008.  Will still looks the same, although skinnier and scarred.  He's still on "the juice crew" (electrics/lighting).    :-)  

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