Sunday, May 8, 2011

All Kinds of Moms

There are all kinds of moms in the world, and - for me - this Mother's Day weekend featured "Mom" as "Agility Dog Handler"...specifically of the World Team variety. 

You wouldn't believe how many hours I spent in front of my computer screen, watching a LiveStream of the World Team Try-outs in Minnesota.  A lot.  I got swept away with it....much to the chagrin of my husband and my little doglings, who no doubt felt somewhat neglected.  I did come out of my office, however, to go to dinner with some friends...and when my son and his girl showed up for a visit.  I guess this means I'm addicted to agility, but not (yet?) hitting bottom... 

What an exciting event!  Many of the best handlers in the country were there, and they put on a terrific show.   There's nothing quite as wonderful as watching a world-class dog-and-handler team run a tricky agility course.  It takes years of heartfelt attention, work and play to reach that level.  Kudos to everyone there! 

Icon looked good.  Until he got sick :-( and had to be pulled from competition.  By all reports he's going to be fine, though.  (Whew!)  He still has lots of excellent agility in store....

I love watching Daisy P run her dogs.  This is Jester.  Her #1 dog Solar won the Large Dog overall division, so they're going to the World competition in France, in October.  She's a fast, fast runner, and her dogs aren't too shabby either!  ;-)  Daisy lives in Washington.

I'm not sure Laura J remembers giving me some encouragement at one of the trials, when Keeper and I were struggling.  But I sure remember her.  She is nice, nice, nice!  And we love her split-face BC, Kep.  So when they won the Round 5, Large Dog class....what a thrill!  WOOHOO!!!

Ashley seemed to be experimenting on a new start-line stay/longer leadout for Luka.  Luka didn't seem too happy with it, and they were 'out of sync' for much of the weekend.  They sure made up for it by winning the Round 5, Medium Dog class.  :-) 

Another local competitor is JD, who runs a speedy Papillon named Tantrum.  She's really nice, too.  Tantrum won second place overall in the Small Dog division, earning a place on the World Team.  YAY!

I like watching Linda Mecklenburg run, too.  I've watched a few of her training-online series.  She's great.  This is her dog Wonder. 

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