Saturday, May 14, 2011

LeapDog Workshop

This was the first time I've attended a workshop as an Auditor.  Must admit it was kinda' nice to sit wrapped up in a cozy blanket, on this chilly May day.  Although it would've been a lot easier to stay warm if I'd been running around!   Riff would've benefited greatly from today's lessons.  We hope to participate next time.

During one of the exercises, LP told the workshop handlers that they'd need to make it all the way to this stanchion, close enough to touch it, just as she is doing in the photo above.  Getting into this position, she explained, while preparing for a front cross, will help your dog turn tighter, because he'll understand exactly where to go next.  The turn into this front cross needed to take place as the dog crossed the jump's plane of refusal.  (Sometimes the turn into a front cross will need to take place prior to the handler reaching the "correct" position, due to the speed of the dog, or slowness of the handler.  But the position by the stanchion is the GOAL.  For one thing, it allows you to be far enough ahead of your dog to set up for the next obstacle.)  Due to the configuration of the course, many handlers doubted they would make it there in time.
But they did!  All of them! 
Here are a few pics of handlers training their dogs to come up to them while they were at the stanchion... that their dog wouldn't cross behind them and take the jump prior to the front cross.   (Oops!) 
All the dogs figured out how to do it correctly - helped by the watchful eye of their handlers, good footwork, and timely rewards.  
And all the handlers figured out that they COULD reach the stanchion in time! 

Wit stayed cozy in a new blanket while she watched.  (We were "the blanket girls.")

LP and the teams had a lot of fun during the workshop!

Jeepers jumping.

Fawkes jumping.

Willy jumping....

...and giving Barb a workout.

Kimba, adoring Micky.

LP, giving advice from one of her favorite resting places.

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