Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paradise during The Rapture

Laying in bed at O'Dark:Thirty this morning, I seriously thought about driving out to Dixon, to watch my friends compete in an agility trial.  Cheerleaders R Us!!!  But once I got up, my back helped me think about it again.  Should I drive that far???   Ummmmmm....NO.   

Riff and Keeper wanted to go to the trial.  They'd like to visit other dogs. 
Instead:  This afternoon, Jeff and I went to a friend's Art Opening up at the Paradise Ridge Winery.  How can you worry about the Rapture when you're already at Paradise??? 

Driving in, you can't help but notice the crooked fence. 
It means you have arrived at the Sculpture Garden.

But if you drive past the Sculpture Garden and on up to the Tasting Room,
you'll see this lovely sculpture...

...and this lovely view.

You'll soon drive back down to the Garden, though. 
I liked this sculpture quite a lot.  I'm partial to flowers, and wings...

...and Jeff looks pretty cute in the middle of it.

This sculpture has been in the Garden for a few years.  Simple.  Elegant. 

Jeff is sitting with our artist friends.  You can see Peter's concrete "Hand" in the background.
Peter's concrete "Zeus" (with visitor)...

...features a mosaic by Robin on the inside of the head.

Jeff, Robin and Peter, through the eye of Zeus.

There are lots of great sculptures in the garden.  If you get the chance, you should check it out!
It's FREE!
(A pretty good place to take dogs, too...)

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