Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Perfect Game

Watched every minute of that incredible game on TV last night - it was amazing - starting with all the homeruns - and then in the 7th, when announcer Kuip did not - would not - say the words "no hitter"... just "special night" and "nary a baserunner" - and nobody in the dug-out is talking to Cain - nobody wants to jinx it - and Cain just keeps watching, and pitching - and Melky caught the long fly - then Blanco caught another - and the atmosphere was ricocheting HOPE, with over 41,000 cheering fans on their feet at the park - on their feet through 2 1/2 innings - to say nothing of the tens of thousands pacing and yelling in front of their televisions at home, or raising their fists at the bar, or turning up the radio in the car, grinning at the dashboard - and those Astros really tried hard to break it up - but...holy shit! PERFECT! - and after the game, when AmyG asked Matt how he kept his composure he says "I don't know....I have no idea..." then "this place" "Buster" "my team" "these fans! look! they're all still here!" and we were ALL still there - what a wonderful night of baseball! What a wonderful baseball family.... WOW!

(AP photo)

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