Friday, June 15, 2012

Need for Speed

I like speed.  No, no, not bennies or anychemicalthing like that....just plain old wind-in-your-face physical speed.  I think it's one of the reasons I get along with border collies - I understand the need for speed.  It courses through your bloodstream, and colors everything you do....even when you're laid up.  {..and makes typing with one hand a real exercise in patience...}   You can spend a lifetime practicing impulse-contol, for instance.  Think before you speak.  Look before you leap.  Focus first.  That sort of thing.   The need for speed can be particularly difficult to deal with when you're a dog, and your exercise partner is laid up. 

We love the lion on that Chase Bank tv commercial.  Have you seen it?  When the lion sticks his head into the bank teller's window, and looks at the tellers with such longing, with so much expectation...we immediately think of Riff.  He has that exact same expression.  I tried to capture it on camera.  It's not easy to get the same lighting, etc, but you get the idea.

Chase ad lion
Riff, waiting to play
Not being able to hop around, or run, or lean over to pick up toys and play tug with my dogs, is almost more painful than having a broken arm.  Luckily my sweet Jeff is willing to walk the "laps" route with Riff in the backyard, so they're getting some exercise.   He refuses to let me walk it....over-protective, I I sneak in a bit of walking back there, whenever I can.  Except I tripped yesterday (did not fall down, but wrenched the darn arm pretty good), so must admit he has a point. 

Dreaming of jogging.  I'm very good at picking up my feet, in my dreams.  I run like the wind.  And I'm a parkour champion!  

Last night I also dreamt Riff and I were camping at the trial site in Woodland.  My shelter was a colorful circus tent...not sure what that means.  It ties in with the lion theme, though...  

Ah, well...if I rest it now, the arm will be good as gold later.  So they say.

It's been an easy transition for me to shift to right-handedness this week. 
Perhaps that's because when I was 5, I broke my left forearm (roller skating), and about fifteen years ago, I broke my left wrist (learning an Irish jig).  Practice makes perfect!?

Looking forward to getting back to agility practice.  Will focus on grace....


Elf said...

Ooooh, parkour champion! Definitely a goal to work towards. Maybe it's just your left arm out to sabotage you. You should get one of those arm communicators to figure out what it's thinking.

Celeste said...

Elf - 'arm communicator' ha ha!!!

PS - parkour running in my dreams is so much fun (second only to flying) that if i were a 20-yr-old acrobat i'd seriously go for it...

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