Monday, August 6, 2012

What a Landing!

We've watched a boat-load of landings on TV this week, tuning into the Olympics.  Amazing athletes.  Gymnasts landing difficult tricks.  Horses landing challenging jumps. 

We enjoy watching the more obscure sports, and applaud the passion and dedication of everyone involved.  Controversies swirl, fans go wild, and the marathon runners - lost in 'the zone' - keep moving.  You just have to land - one...foot.....after.......another. 

And there was another landing, made last night.

(NASA photo)

Curiosity landed on Mars!  Score?   TEN!

A "thumbprint photo' sent from Mars
shows the shadow of Curiosity
on its wheels, just a few minutes after landing.
(NASA photo)

A drawing of Curiosity.
Did you ever dream that's how it would look?
They say it's about the size of an SUV.
(NASA photos)

The leaps and bounds that mankind makes, in the spirit of exploration, are simply incredible and more than a little inspiring.    Hmmmm......      Maybe I WILL get to an agility trial, one of these days.

(Original photo - G. Takei)

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