Saturday, August 4, 2012


Confusion is a trickster.  It walks in on padded feet.  It likes to sneak up and pounce.  Sometimes you don't even notice it's there until it's long gone.

Everyone is confused from time to time.  It helps keep life interesting.  As a child, you tend to be excited about new stuff, and the challenge of figuring it all out.  Then - somehow - some of us slip into being 'Like, Totally Embarassed' about being confused.  Thank goodness, if you keep your eyes and ears open as you age, you can come back around to thinking of confusion as 'A Big Adventure.'

This week was filled with 'adventure' for me, starting with that embarassing  adventuresome audition on Monday...and culminating yesterday with our ECS West scent training session at the Vet's Memorial in RP.

It was weird...I simply couldn't figure out what people were saying.  I'm pretty sure I asked the same question over and over again, but still didn't get it.  This should be simple stuff!  Is something wrong with my ears?  Were they speaking in a foreign language? 

We made some errors in the initial set-up, which everyone soon recognized...and I remember talking about it as An Adventure.  But, bottom line, even after everything was fixed - I still don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing with my dog.  It took me the entire drive home to understand that - possibly - Riff and I have been trying to follow two different training methods.  There's NoseWork, and then there's ECS work.  Our trainers are feeling their way through the maze, too...because ECS is new to they sometimes give conflicting suggestions.  Riff and I will need to sort these things out pretty darn soon.  [ least I think that's what's going on....heh heh heh.] 

Either than, or I better start studying French.  Or maybe Italian. 

In any case - blogging on my mind - I grabbed a couple more cellphone pics while we were at the training session:

Crush alerts

S decides she might want to use a shorter leash.

Molly works her way down a row of pipes.

Five, being cute.

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