Sunday, May 12, 2013

One Way to Renew Your Faith in The Human Race

They said 9,500 people showed up for The Human Race yesterday - 1,000 more than last year.  The Human Race is Sonoma County's premiere fund-raising effort for non-profits of all kinds.  My son and I were volunteer workers this year.  We were given the assignment "course monitors," and our specific job was to make sure the 10K runners took the correct route through a confusing little section of dog-leg turns, about 2.5 miles out from the start line. 
It was beautiful.  Perfect weather (foggy, then sunny), wonderful people.  It was lovely out in the quiet of Spring Lake Park, close to Annadel.  We missed most of the big costumed groups, because they stuck to the 3K route.  We missed the pancake breakfast and the big crowds and all the booths and the live band...but we got to soak in Mother Nature - the best show on earth! 
Wearing my bright yellow volunteer T-shirt, I stood at my little intersection of paths, jumping up and down and cheering people on for over two hours.  Almost lost my voice.  (Hey, I could make the serious runners smile - not an easy feat!)  I got to meet babies in strollers, and an 85-year-old man who was walking so fast he was almost jogging.  He had the biggest smile you ever saw.  All kinds of folks of every age and shape tackled the 10K. I heard plenty of different languages, too.  I got to play with a gaggle of Canine Companion puppies, and say Hi! to a bunch of silly mutts and a couple of friendly pitties.  EVERYONE WAS SMILING!
And I could see my very quiet young son, over at his intersection, clapping and smiling and waving.  He was even chatting with a lot of folks.  The whole experience was terrific.  LOVED IT!

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