Monday, May 14, 2012

Checking In

Life has been busy and beautiful for us - hope it has for you, too.

The weather around here is glorious, a siren-call to "GO OUTSIDE"!  We've been practicing agility every chance we get, gardening big time, hiking around the neighborhood and in the parks. [Is it actually possible?!  Am I losing weight??] 

We haven't been back to sheep yet.  [Sadly, there are financial considerations involved...and a sheepdog-in-training needs to get to sheep, three or four days a week would be great...] 

We haven't entered any more agility trials either.  Soon, we hope!  We did attend a fun LeapDog Workshop last weekend.  LP and my fellow students seemed quite impressed with the Riffle.  What a nice, handler-motivating day...!

Riff grows ever-more-fit, and responsive.  He floats over 26" jumps like a cloud.  He has always been light on his feet, even though he's a big, powerful boy.  Thank god he hasn't been "lunging and pulling" on the leash as much as he used to.  Could he be maturing??  Settling in?  He still constantly roams around the "settling in" may be the wrong phrase....but he is a happy, vigorous three-year old, that much is plain.

Mother's Day was lovely.  All of my kids got in touch.  The gift of "time" is The Best!  The photo below was put together a few years ago, but they're all grown up so they still look something like this.  (Albeit older...)

TaDa!  My sweet husband gave me a new computer for Mother's Day.  It is speedy (lightning fast!), quiet and roomy.  (For the geeks - 8GB memory with a 128GB solid state drive, 1TB harddrive for storage, Intel I3, 430W power supply, 64bit MicroSoft7, etc etc et al.  It's a lot of computer for a retired college instructor who just fools around with photography...but I love it.)   Even though I'm in the middle of a Blog Break, I just had to sneak in and try blogging on it.  It's FUN.  :-D

On the sports front - we very much enjoyed Stage One of the AMGEN TOUR here in Santa Rosa.  Wow, the county looked marvelous during the TV coverage.  Those boys raced 111 miles, over hill and dale, through thick and thin, in less than five hours.  Kudos!! 

And hey, if you're ever near Railroad Square, check out the "Peloton Project" paintings in the Daredevils and Queens Salon...they're by Sherry, an old theatre buddy.  She has loved and watched bike races for many years, and rides her bike all the time.  COOL!  Below is "Levi and The Three Bears" (One bear for each of his Tour of California wins). 

Levi and the Three Bears - painted by Sherry Rahn

Last but not least, also on the sports front - the Giants (finally) won a couple of games in Arizona!  YAY!!!

Special Happiness because (drum roll) I'm going to a game tomorrow night.  In person, a real game, LIVE at the new AT&T park!  "New?!" you may exclaim.  " to me..."  

I haven't been to a game since my son Will and I watched the Giants and Will Clark play in Candlestick about - what - 25(?) or more years ago!  As I recall, JT Snow played in that game, too.  I totally look forward to tomorrow.  [With Kate and Barb - YAY!  Can't wait!!]

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