Wednesday, April 4, 2012

USDAA in Dixon? Not this year...

Oh, man, I wish we were going to the USDAA trial in Dixon this weekend.  It will be so much fun! 
(Wishing all of my friends FUN FUN FUN!!!)

I did not enter...but I'm okay with staying home.  Mostly.  Really!  (I think....)

My classmates at LeapDog have been asking when we're going to enter another trial - perhaps because Riff is running pretty well.  (Yay!)  We did have fun during our 4:00 lesson yesterday.  (Even though we ran in intermittent rain...)  My current goal during class has been to get through an entire course without stopping for a re-do.  We haven't quite reached our goal, but we're definitely getting closer.  And we've been having FUN!!!  Riff is energetic and happy.  (Thank you, agility gods...!)

But I'm still running low on Handler Motivation re: trialing.  I can't quite bring myself to fill out an entry form. 

What gives???

I don't know.

Maybe we've been fooling around with sheep too much?  Do I want to shift over to sheep???

Maybe I'm a little too worried about finances...
or.  Something.

Whatever the case....we're missing the big 4-day trial Dixon this weekend. 


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