Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Practice

Today's practice was a combination of Mecklenburg recall exercises (with added jump distractions) and some distance training (three-in-a-line, and three-in-an-arc discriminations).  Riff was a very good boy!  He handled the "line vs. arc" sequences well, and was great during the recalls.

It was a lovely day.  Brightly, I forgot to take my sunglasses off.  That could be why Riff seemed a bit confused at times.  Or, could've been the handling.  (heh heh.)

As some photos proved, I have a habit of turning at the waist to look at my dog, which breaks one of the my physical therapy rules.  No wonder my back feels tweaky after practice.  Must remember to keep my shoulders straight and just turn my head.  Still couldn't jog, but did manage to walk faster.  (Yay for progress!)  We brought an icepack this time, so I was back-happy during the drive home. 

We met Josie-the-mohawk-dog.  What a sweetie!

Riff, ready to roll.

Riff is pretty intense about getting his toy...

...and pretty nice about bringing it back!

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